Instructions and Guidelines to Interpret the Result

1. Make sure your sequence does not contain any characters apart from standard single letter amino acid codes.

2. Make sure that the length of the sequence is greater than or equal to 30.

3. Only raw sequence format is accepted. FASTA format is not accepted.

4. Job title is optional, but advised to have one before submitting (Default: Example).

5. E-mail is optional, if filled the result (with no graphic) will be sent to the corresponding email ID.

6. The predicted location(s) will be highlighted in bold face with "*" at the begining.

7. In the graphic, the location is highlighted by changing color, from yellow to transparent and back to yellow.

8. The numeric values in the result are score assiged based on the proablity values generated by Adaboost classifier and BLAST module (see article for detailed explanation).

9. The result is declared as "Unpredictable", when more than two location shares similar (difference less than 0.1) score.